• I am excited to participate in an upcoming conference called “All Things in Moderation: The People, Practices, and Politic of Online Content Moderation – Human and Machine” at UCLA in early December. I’ll be presenting about the challenges of content moderation when Yelp pages become targets for viral condemnation. More information about the conference is here.
  • On November 16, 2017 I will be presenting at the National Communication Association conference in Dallas, TX. My panel is called “Ambivalence, Contestation, and Debate: Exploring National Identity and Countercultural Identity.” It is organized by the American Studies Division. I’m also looking forward to participating in a pre-conference sponsored by the Communication and Law Division and the Freedom of Expression Division.
  • On Friday, June 23rd, I presented at the Law and Society Association conference in Mexico City on an eclectic and very enjoyable panel titled “Innovation in Private Law.”
  • Times Higher Education has published my opinion piece about opposition to the Dalai Lama’s invitation as 2017 UCSD commencement speaker. In the piece, I explore the implications of the conflict in terms of the debate about “safe spaces” and freedom of expression on university campuses.