JULY 2019

My article examining reputation management practices through the lens of public relations ethics has been published by the Journal of Media Ethics. The article appears as part of a special issue of the journal following the 2018 Digital Ethics Symposium  at Loyola University in Chicago and was edited by Loyola’s Bastiaan Vanacker.

MAY 2019

My article on the recent wave of “campus free speech” legislation has been published in First Amendment Studies. I have posted a pre-print copy on my Academia page as well.

MARCH 2019

I have accepted a position as an Assistant Professor of Communication Studies at the State University of New York in Plattsburgh starting in fall 2019.


I look forward to presenting some preliminary research on the critique of “big tech” in conservative media at the 2019 AEJMC Midwinter Conference at Oklahoma University in early March. The paper looks specifically at the rhetorical construction of tech company “bias” and the political consequences of concentrated corporate power in Fox News programming following the controversy over the “Google memo” in 2017. The panel is sponsored by the Critical and Cultural Studies Division.


Pawan Singh (Deakin University, Australia) and I will be presenting a paper that considers various approaches to regulating viral misinformation on WhatsApp in India at an ICA preconference called “Taming and Nurturing the Wild Child: Government and Corporate Policies for Social Media” in Washington, D.C. in May. The pre-conference is jointly organized by the Institute for Information Policy at Penn State University and the Quello Center at Michigan State University.

I will also be presenting a paper on campus speech legislation at ICA that is organized by the Communication Law and Policy Division.


In April, I’ll be presenting on several panels at the Southern States Communication Association conference in Montgomery, AL.

One is a roundtable about the 2018 midterms that is sponsored by the Political Communication Division. The other three are sponsored by the Freedom of Speech Division. One of these examines free speech issues related to the Trump administration; another looks at upcoming Supreme Court cases related to free speech. Finally, my full paper on consumer review sites as venues for protest will be part of a diverse panel on freedom of expression issues from the founding of the U.S. to the present. I’m also thrilled that the organizers selected it for the top division paper award.


I am so grateful that the reviewers in the NCA Freedom of Expression Division chose my paper about social media and the Boston Marathon bombing investigation for the 2018 Robert M. O’Neill top paper award. The top paper panel featured three other very interesting papers that I’m glad to have heard.

JULY 2018

I’ll be participating in the inaugural Mediating Change conference in early November. The conference is being hosted by the Department of Media Arts at the University of North Texas. My presentation considers how we should evaluate the ethics and political efficacy of targeting commercial enterprises for viral shaming online.

Later that month, I’m also presenting on ethics and reputation management at the Eighth Annual Symposium on Digital Ethics at Loyola University Chicago.

JUNE 2018

I am looking forward to presenting on a panel sponsored by the Freedom of Expression Division at NCA in Salt Lake City this fall. The paper examines the management of reputational harm when people are misidentified as criminal suspects on social media.

JUNE 2018

I have accepted a position as an Assistant Professor of Communication at Newman University in Wichita, KS

APRIL 2018

I enjoyed presenting on a panel about viewpoint diversity in higher education at the Southern States Communication Association conference in Nashville. My presentation examined the “institutional neutrality” provisions in several of the recent campus free speech bills passed by state legislatures — including in Tennessee. The panel was organized by Adelphi University’s Mark Grabowski and was generously hosted by the Federalist Society at Vanderbilt Law School.


I am grateful to have participated in a conference called All Things in Moderation: the People, Practices, and Politics of Online Content Moderation – Human and Machine at UCLA. I presented on the challenges of content moderation when Yelp pages become targets for viral criticism. More information about the conference is here.


I presented at two events during the National Communication Association conference in Dallas, TX.

One was a panel  called “Ambivalence, Contestation, and Debate: Exploring National Identity and Countercultural Identity.” It was organized by the American Studies Division.

I also took part in a lively and engaging pre-conference called “Dialogue and Deliberation in an Age of Rising Authoritarianism,” where I presented briefly about the implications of campus free speech legislation for protest.