The classroom is a forum where we can deepen our understanding of concepts and of our own personal convictions through dialogue with one another. With this in mind, I adopt a fundamentally Socratic approach to lectures regardless of class size. Likewise, I continually strive to better incorporate peer instruction methods in order to facilitate active learning.

Courses Taught

University of Central Arkansas Communication Department:

Comm 3308: Argumentation and Advocacy (Fall 2017)

Comm 2313: Introduction to Communication Research (Fall 2017)

UCSD Communication Department:

Comm 114F: Law, Communication, and Freedom of Expression (Winter 2014, Winter 2015)

Comm 166: Surveillance, Media, and the Risk Society (Spring 2016)

Comm 106I: The Internet Industry (Fall 2016)

Comm 111G: Popular Culture (Fall 2016)

Comm 109D: Advertising and Society (Winter 2017)

Comm 111T: Cultural Politics of Sport (Winter 2017)

Comm 114N: Communication and the Law (Spring 2017)