Research and Writing


I received a Ph.D in Communication from the University of California, San Diego in 2016.

My work combines some conceptual and methodological tenets of media and cultural studies with contemporary topics in communications law and political communication. In the past few years, I have written primarily about the tension between reputation protection and freedom of expression on internet platforms. This work appears in First Amendment Studies, Social Media + Society and Journal of Media Ethics. Some other topically related writing on the regulation of internet platforms and content moderation is being revised for publication.

I’ve also become more interested in the politicization of “free speech” as a concept. Some recent writing (in American Quarterly and First Amendment Studies, as well as on the website Times Higher Education) has explored current issues regarding free speech and politics in higher education. This writing is part of the groundwork for a larger project that examines the evolving role of antimonopoly rhetoric and the regulation of “big tech” in contemporary partisan politics.

Much of this work is available in preprint form on my Academia page.

Professional Affiliations and Service

Over the years, I have presented my work at the conference meetings of a number of organizations. These include the National Communication Association (NCA), International Communication Association (ICA), Southern States Communication Association (SSCA), Association of Education in Journalism and Mass Communication (AEJMC), International Association of Media and Communication Research (IAMCR), Law and Society Association, Cultural Studies Association, and Policy History Association. I have also presented at topical conferences, such as the “Mediating Change” conference at the University of North Texas (November 2018), the Digital Ethics Symposium at Loyola University in Chicago (November 2018), and the “All Things in Moderation” conference on content moderation at UCLA (December 2017).

I serve on the editorial board of First Amendment Studies, and I am an active participant in the Freedom of Expression Division of NCA and the Freedom of Speech Division of SSCA.